Colourful Wedding Stationery Design

The Brief

To design and create wedding stationery that is bright and colourful.

This colourful wedding stationery project was a fun one to work with!

The Client

Sherie and Shane Hinga

The Solution

Wedding Invite Design

The wedding venue was Hahei Beach Resort, a beautiful beach location.

Sherie and Shane wanted the whole wedding to be full of fun and relaxation. The bright colourful theme worked well with this, as it meant I could incorporate a fun element into the designs themselves.

They were open to ideas of how the bright colours could be used. I decided to use a watercolour effect to form the background of the invitation, this way a few colours could be incorporated into the design.

The invitation design needed something else to hold it together.

I decided to add a Koru symbol. The meaning behind the koru fitted perfectly with a wedding: “Resembling the unfurling frond of the native New Zealand fern, the koru depicts new beginnings, life and hope.”

The colours from the watercolour background were added to the koru to tie in with the rest of the design. The text colours were kept simple, but still used the bright colours theme, so orange and bright pink was chosen, which seemed to complement each other well.

Pocket Fold Folder

Sherie had already sourced a pocket fold folder she wanted to use to contain the information. The invite and the RSVP/information insert would sit in the folder together. The design of the RSVP was based on the invitations.

Bright Colourful Wedding Stationery Suite

Sherie and Shane also needed table names, place names, menu, order of events, drinks menu and a seating chart to be designed.

The watercolour background was used for these designs, with a gradient fade into white, as some items seemed too busy using the full-colour background.

Having a mixture of the two designs across the wedding stationery helped to hold the theme together, without it looking too cluttered and busy.

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