Gerbera Wedding Stationery Design

The Brief

To design and create wedding stationery based on an orange gerbera flower.

The Client

Gordon and Theresa Warren

The Solution

Wedding Invitation Design

The main element of this wedding stationery design is the gerbera flower.

Theresa liked orange gerbera flowers and wanted to use these in her wedding bouquets. She also liked purple, which can be associated with light-hearted, romantic energies.

I also decided to include a butterfly in the design, as butterflies are said to bring good luck and happiness in the newlywed couple’s life. I thought this would be a suitable addition to the design.

The wedding reception was held in the local village hall, surrounded by trees and nature, with real butterflies featuring at times too!

The invitations were designed to be an A6 size, folded card, with a paper insert stuck to the inner. The outer was printed on a pearlised card.

I decided to use a swirly graphic to form the basis of the design.

The swirly graphic allowed room for the title to be placed in a box. I used rounded corners on the box, with a purple stroke and an orange fill.

The orange gerbera flower was added to one corner, and a butterfly to the opposite corner, to balance the design.

RSVP Design

Theresa and Gordon also required an RSVP design to go with the invitation.

I decided to pick up the swirly graphic and the box containing the title and use them to form the basis of the design.

This gave space to use the orange box as the header of the design, and then create a rectangle with a purple outline, for the text to sit inside.

Gerbera Wedding Stationery Suite

Gordon and Theresa also required an order of service booklet, table names, place names, a menu and a seating chart to be designed.

The order of service and table names were able to use the full swirl graphic, replicating the front of the invitation design.

The place names, menu and seating plan incorporated the box with the information, used in the RSVP design.

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