MAI Travel Brochure Design

The Brief

To design and create a brochure to highlight the experiences the client could offer their customers.

The Client

MAI Travel

The Client’s Vision

Imagine an a-la-carte menu of the best of New Zealand curated by a local connoisseur that will guide you through the planning and the experience.

You will experience exactly what you want in the way you want it.

The Solution

Behind The Design

MAI Travel was a new business and I had created their branding and website for them, so I knew their target market and their brand well.

As I knew the client’s brand well, I could easily apply this to the brochure design, and I understand exactly what the client required from me.

They were offering tailor-made luxury tours to travellers from overseas.

Money would be no object, whatever the customer wanted, they would make it happen.

Travel Brochure Design

The client required a brochure designed to show what they could offer their customers.

As they were offering tailor-made luxury tours this was slightly more difficult, as I needed to show possibilities of what could be offered, to give their customers some insights into what New Zealand had to offer them.

I decided to let the images do the majority of the talking, a picture paints a thousand words, combining this with some well-written copy and some sample itineraries at the end of the brochure to highlight the possibilities available.

Tailor‑Made Luxury Tours of New Zealand.

“We believe that freedom can only truly be felt where there are no barriers. We are enablers, understanding who you are, what drives you and how you travel to design a completely unique journey, with every detail taken care of.

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