Spa Accessories Brochure Design

The Brief

To design and create a brochure to promote the range of hot tub and spa accessories available for consumers to purchase.

The target market is aimed at females.

The Client

Golden Coast Ltd

About the Client

Golden Coast is the UK’s largest independent distributor of wet leisure products to the trade. They achieved that position by understanding exactly what their customers needed to support their own businesses and providing it for them.

“Our customers are looking for the right product at the right price but we also know that they are looking for more than that.

Innovation. In a rapidly changing industry, we are constantly sourcing and providing new, innovative products that satisfy our customer’s needs be that to save energy, be more environmentally aware or enjoy the latest design trends.

Customer service. The service we provide is tailored to each individual customer. Our sales and support teams build a relationship with customers that put their needs first.

Knowledge. It is impossible to overestimate the value of knowledge in today’s wet leisure industry. From technical product knowledge to marketing know-how, we keep you up-to-date on everything that could be of value to your business.”

The Solution

About the Spa Accessories Range

The Essentials spa & hot tub accessory range is a collection of accessories available for consumers to purchase. The brochure is updated every year.

There are a wide variety of products available to consumers. These range from cover lifters to toy ducks and fragrances to cleaning products. To bring them all together in one brochure and look like they are from the same range can be a challenge.

The target market is women, as they are most likely to browse and purchase these products.

Spa Accessories Brochure Design

I decided to use circles to form the basis of the design, as I felt this reflected the bubbles in a hot tub.

I also thought the circles would help to hold the design together, as each of the products shown in the brochure is quite different to the others.

I decided to use the colour purple, as it evoked the feeling of relaxation and encourages you to think of spas, massages and pampering.

The copy for this brochure is usually taken from the suppliers’ brochure or website. Sometimes this is re-written or condensed to fit the space available.

The brochure is also translated into French and is available to overseas export customers.

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